“That what I’m doing almost all the time—following my excitement, my passion, my enthusiasm—and I’m doing it throughout my day.”  – Dr. Joe Vitale

Who among us doesn’t want to live a life filled with passion and vitality?  We have a way to do just that, through our own thinking and feeling.  And what we think/feel reaches back to us to give that good life that we envision.

This is the law of attraction, a well-known concept in our culture due to the film and book by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret.   There are spiritual overtones to this concept that we will explore in this blog.  And to my mind the spiritual overtones are far and away the most explosive part.  We will see that Jesus himself identified with this law.   We will explore ways that ordinary people have greatly improved our lives by watching what we think and feel, giving our mind and heart a positive slant that might have heretofore eluded us.

The way to a spectacular life is here before us.  We will marry spiritual concepts to the Secret.  And we will be well on our way to change that makes a difference in the bedrock of our lives.


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