“The thoughts of your ego-mind were ruled by the nature of the body.  To exist as creatures whose only thoughts are of survival of the body is to exist in a lower order.  The laws of the body have thus subjected you to conditions that invited the ego-mind to turn its attention to existence in this lower order.  It is only you who can recognize and invite the higher order or subject yourself to its conditions.  It is only your attention to the existence of this higher order that will reveal its laws to you.  These are the laws of God or the laws of love.”  – “Treatise on the Art of Thought,” A Course of Love.

Many adherents to the law of attraction actually call this the “law of love.”  And here we find spirituality encouraging the same.  Rhonda Byrne, who popularized the law of attraction in our culture and indeed in the world, has herself called this great divine law the “law of love.”  She asserts that when she used the law of attraction to draw material things to herself, it worked, but her blessings really increased when she began to be grateful for the very air that she breathes.  A remarkable testimony.

If we focus on material things alone, we are abiding in a lower order.  We will draw material things to ourselves, but after a while any given material treasure will fail us, and we will want more and more, trying to satisfy an itch.

The law of love asks us to focus on intangible things—the harmony, peace, serenity, peace that love actually gives us.   All great religious teachings have focused on this bounty, a bounty that does not rust and does not need to be stored in barns.

Let us enlarge our understanding of what treasure really is.  Let us use the law of attraction for what will last, what will give us eternal satisfaction.


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