“You will live in a different reality, a different life.  And people will look at you and say, ‘What do you do different from me?’ Well, the only thing that is different is that you work with The Secret.”  – Marie Diamond

My supervisor once asked me, as I was busily and cheerily doing my job, “Do you lead a charmed life, or what?”

This charmed life is what we will live if we understand that we can receive, when we pray, believing.  If we can’t get ourselves on the wave length of believing, it is clear that we are on the wrong track, though this is something not often recognized by adherents to the law of attraction.  If we imagine something, or more precisely, “try” to imagine something, and it just won’t come to us, then we are definitely not going to be able to attract it.  It is wrong for us.

We need to rely on our intuition, and by this I mean our link to God within.  His guidance will tell us if we imagining what will hurt us or will help us.  Intuition, coming from the non-verbal, will clue us into how best to proceed.  If believing just won’t come, despite affirmations, then we need to revisit the issue of what we want.  We may be asking for something that would hurt us.

Wanting is not enough.  Believing that leads to knowing, is.


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