“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”  – Ephesians 3:20

The power that works in us is love from our depths, the love of God from our depths—where God abides.  And what we give, we receive.  First we have to give, even though we may not be sure that we know how to give.

We do know how to give love, even if we aren’t sure that we know.  When love bubbles up from our inner depths, it is there because God put it there.  Did we have to be taught?  No; learning was unnecessary, for what we know is innate.  And when we give that innate love, we receive it in return.

Love does indeed attract all that we really want—for is not love the great blessing?  Material things will work when the law of attraction is carried out, when we focus on those things.  But we often move from one material thing to another, with only minimal, non-lasting, satisfaction.  When we give love, we not only get the material objects, but also the non-material.  And these non-material, ethereal blessings, have lasting power.  We are contented in a way that fleeting happiness based on the material can never give.  When we have love, joy, harmony, peace—then we have the real message of the law of attraction.

God could not create a universe(s) that would be based on anything but love, for if His creatures did not love, they would turn to self-destruction.  Of course, this is exactly what we often find in the world we have today.  Yet there is more good than bad.  God has preserved us from ourselves, for sooner or later, we realize that the positive blessings really do bless.  But, unfortunately, we hear that love is the answer so much that we turn a blind eye to it, but it really IS the answer.

So:  the message of love is already known deep within ourselves.  That is why we can give before we receive.  And in the giving, attraction is set up; like attracts like.   More loving things come to us, and they build on themselves.  Love attracts love, especially the intangible blessings.

We are, at last, home free in a heaven on earth.


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