Love Is the Answer

“This getting what you want that drives your life is proven time and time again to not be what you want once you have achieved it.  Yet you think when this occurs that you have simply chosen the wrong thing and so choose another and another, not stopping to realize that you choose among illusions.  You are so surprised that you have not found happiness in what you seek!  You continue living life as a test, driving yourself to follow one accomplishment with another, sure that the next one or the next will be the one to do the trick.”  A Course of Love.

Many people believe that Jesus channeled A Course of Love as a continuation of A Course in Miracles.   The assertion in this quotation is a stern warning to those of us who practice the law of attraction.  If we are constantly asking for what we want, where is the danger here?  If we get it, it will not satisfy us!  We are on an endless loop of seeking and finding, but never feeling contented with what we have newly acquired.

Rhonda Byrne confronts this dilemma in The Power (sequel to The Secret), a treatise on the central place that love should hold in our lives.  Love does not egg us on constantly for more, more, more.  Love rests in intangible blessings that are eternal.   And these eternal blessings augment our material gain to give us a good life.

Not only do material treasures not satisfy us for long, but accomplishments on a career track don’t, either.   We are like Sisyphus, pushing that rock up the incline.  The rock falls repeatedly to the bottom of the incline, and we just push it up again.  Where is real life in this picture?

There is nothing wrong with attracting material treasures and career accomplishments to ourselves.  We just have to realize that the eternal truth is deeper than these secular offerings.  We will live well when we get our values in place.  And the deepest value is for a spiritual dimension to our sometimes mundane lives.

Most of us have loved deeply at some time in our lives.  And we remember that time as the time of happiness and fulfillment that had been missing heretofore.  We didn’t want the feeling ever to pass.  But, of course, it may have.

Inviting Love into our lives will carry benefits that right now, perhaps, we can only dream of.   Love is the greater healer, and the bottom line of the law of attraction.  Rhonda quotes great thinkers of the past who called the law of attraction, the law of love.

Love is the eternal truth.   If we think we are fresh out of love, we can attract it as well.  Just use Jesus’s injunction to ask, believe, and receive.  And the knowledge of genuine Love will come.  And with Love, a new life.


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