“Treasure in the first sense is, first and foremost, something that you believe exists and have defined as being of value.  As this Treatise is not concerned with material treasure, we will not explore the dimensions of physical treasure except to say that the feelings that cause one to think that any physical thing is capable of being a treasure or being treasured are of the ego.  We will instead assume that you have moved beyond these ego concerns and explore the realm of internal treasures.”  – “ Course of Love.

We can realize that these material treasures are not bad; they just won’t satisfy for long.  They may give us a comfortable life, though, and that is not to be sneezed at.  If we seek the material at the exclusion of the immaterial, we will seek awry, especially if we do it all the time.  The ego would love to keep us busy gaining blessings in a material world, always seeking more – more – more, and never finding, for long, the satisfaction that we strive for.  We would work long and hard for the money to procure all of these material treasures, and then what would we have?  A barn full of treasure that might disappear in a puff of smoke.

Yes, the immaterial blessings are the best.  These are all elements of love, and Love, and these include harmony, peace, joyous living, happiness, calm, tranquility in a busy world.  If we are not careful, our striving for more will leave us no time to enjoy that more.  That is why being stress-free is so important.

Our treasures are best laid up in heaven, an idea straight out of the Bible.  And there we don’t find any corruption of our treasures.  They just last and last and last.


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