“History has shown you that what you believe is possible becomes possible.  Science has proven the link between researcher and research findings.  Still you find it difficult to believe that what is possible depends upon what you can imagine being possible.  You must cease to see the difficulty and begin to see the ease with which what you can imagine becomes reality.”  A Course of Love.

Here the channeled work, A Course of Love, believed by many to be channeled by Jesus, holds a key to manifestation through the law of attraction.  Imagination!  We need to enlarge the scope of our imaginings, not as idle fantasies (for there are no idle fantasies, A Course in Miracles tells us), but as real intentional acts toward manifestations in our lives.

We can do this.  We intend a thing, and we find, shortly, that it happens.  Not in every case, of course, for there are laws of the universe that would preclude our meddling in other people’s lives.  But we can change our own lives, and we can change them quickly.

The first change we all need to make is a tendency to complain.  This negativity will draw to us things that we don’t want.  The law of attraction will still be working, but we will think (wrongly) that it is working against us.  It is working very precisely, in the thoughts that we think and the feelings that we harbor.

We don’t have to struggle to imagine properly.  It is the easiest thing we could possibly effect.

Let our thoughts soar, our feelings rise.  The way to live a good life is to cooperate with the laws of the universe (think God), and we will be well on the way to living stupendously.


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