Prayer in Faith Is the Law of Attraction

“Parents attract the children that come to them by their prayers and hopes. . .or their lack of these, as the case may be.  They set the stage, so to speak by the way they live long before the child is born.  This illustrates still another law, the law of attraction.”   Edgar Cayce on Prophecy.

So the psychic from the last century, Edgar Cayce, was a believer in the law of attraction in his unconscious state of mind also.  Most people would believe that to effect the development of an unborn mind, prayer would be the most efficacious.

Is not all prayer a form of attraction?  This is something that is not usually seen, but it certainly seems true to me.

When we pray in faith, we are lifting our spirits, and a heightened spirit does, in fact, bring good things.  When we mull over our problems, we are also “praying,” but not to God; we are praying to our own negative state of mind, and the things that we will attract will be a misuse of the law.

Continue your practice of prayer, in faith, combined with our own supplication.  When we ask for material as well as immaterial blessings, we are trying to get on the beam with the Universe.  And this is another way of saying “God.”

The best prayers are communion in a quiet state of mind and heart.  Communion is not the same as supplication; it assumes that all good things are coming to us.  Communion is a prayer of the heart, which is a feeling state.  And if one feels the good into existence, we will be living the highest application of the law of attraction.


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