Attraction that Lasts

“It’s important to understand the distinction between what most people think of as happiness and what is true, lasting contentment.  Most people connect happiness with getting what they want.  This type of happiness is superficial and temporary. . . .

“We fill our minds with thoughts and ideas of what would make us happy. . . .

“The list goes on and on.  And each time a desire is fulfilled, we replace it with another, always believing that if the next one would only come true we’d find the peace we crave. . . .

“In order to feel less stress in your life, you must at some level realize that getting what you want isn’t usually the ultimate answer.  Instead, the only answer is to experience thinking that allows you to feel peaceful whether or not you get what you want.”  Richard Carlson.

Richard is offering us a serious warning, if we get caught up in wants that don’t satisfy for long.  What we really want, what really satisfies us as a want, are the feelings that give us lasting happiness,  and peaceful minds and hearts.    And these wants don’t cost any money at all!

We want what lasts.  If we successfully attract material objects, we may find that we take them for granted after a short period of time.  And this will never do.   This attitude shows a lack of gratefulness, and it will surely mean that the next object we attempt to attract will take a long time in arriving, if then.

Material objects do give us a comfortable life, and this is not to be downplayed.   Our material wants are serious, and sometimes they are actually grave needs.  Our spiritual lives won’t demand that we do without in order to be “spiritual.”

Abundance is a spiritual concept, too.  Just don’t get caught up in wishing for what is not going to last.   Or be satisfying for a good, long time.

Our emotional life will thrive when we look to eternal values for practicing the law of attraction.  This is the reason that healthy, good feelings—what undergirds thoughts–are at the base of successful attraction.


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