“I do not need gratitude any more than I needed protection.  But you need to develop your weakened ability to be grateful, or you cannot appreciate God.  He does not need your appreciation, but you do.  You cannot love what you do not appreciate, and fear makes appreciation impossible.  Whenever you are afraid of what you are, you do not appreciate it and will therefore reject it.  As a result, you will teach rejection.”  A Course in Miracles

This quotation, from A Course in Miracles, is said to be Jesus speaking, for many people believe that Jesus channeled all of A Course in Miracles.  Certainly the words about gratitude shed new light on the question, “Why do we need to feel gratitude to the Universe?”  Others have said that gratitude is necessary because to be ungrateful is a negative thing, but this quotation goes beyond that assertion.  This says that WE need to feel gratitude, for without it we cannot even love God.

Appreciation comes when we love, and many have said that the law of attraction is just basically the law of love.  If we are anxious, worried, stressed, then we feel fear, and this cancels out the feeling of thankfulness and gratitude.  We become afraid of our very selves when we fear.  And then we are primed to teach rejection, for what we believe in our heart is what we will teach.

Appreciate the good things in life, for to appreciate them is to appreciate the Creator Who brought those things about.  Appreciation can actually be seen as a divine selfishness, for it is ourselves who need the gratitude that we show to nature, others, and to God.

Do it for ourselves.  Just spread the feeling of appreciation over our world, and all will be well.


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