What Do I Want?

“No longer will I ask you to live in questions of what went wrong, but rather, in the purity of the power of the one question that God dwells in constantly:

“What do I want?

“For here, in perfect surrender, is the mind returned to pure desire—not the desire to gain for a separate self, but that which expresses the totality of God.  ‘What do I want?’ is the question that God asks Himself as you.

. . .

“Therefore, we will end this lesson with one question that we ask you to live within:

“Beloved friend, oh holy One, what do you want?

“And is that wanting generated by the freedom of Love or by the ridiculous creation of a useless fear?  Want only from freedom and you will have your desire.  – a channeled work attributed to Jesus, “The Way of the Heart,” from The Way of Mastery.

A Course in Miracles, another channeled work attributed to Jesus, is clear that the only two emotions are love and fear.  When we ask for things from our fear, we ask wrongly.  Our freedom is found only in love, and when we know our freedom, by having an imprisoned will let loose, we are completely able to choose what we want rightly.  This is informed choice; this is the way things are meant to be.

We live in fear nearly always, until we have walked far along the pathway, as separated beings returning to God.  Thus we have often invoked the law of attraction badly.  We may have gotten what we asked for, but if we asked in fear, we were not long satisfied by that wish coming true.

When we ask from a place of loving, we are acknowledging our entity as a part of God Himself, and He answers our prayer of wanting.  The law is satisfied.  We are satisfied, for we are asking from a place of real knowing.  We are asking rightly.

The law of attraction will doom us if we don’t ask rightly.  Doom us to ask, receive; and then ask, receive, again.  The satisfaction will be fleeting.  We need a better way, and our sense of belief in the Almighty is what best informs our choices.  If this faith in God is missing, we will sometimes ask for negative things that do not serve us.

Ask for guidance to make the right prayer.  Ask for guidance to frame our wants in the best terms.  Then the law of attraction is meaningfully applied, with wants manifested in gratitude.


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