“At a time when suicide was a serious consideration and I simply could not see a way to keep functioning, a dear friend recommended The Secret.  This recommendation literally saved my life.  I read it, reread it, and to this day I still read a chapter daily as part of my new way of living.  It took me a while to understand and to begin to learn how to live.  I had to work very hard at first to change my way of thinking.  But there is simply no correlation between my old life and my life today.  I start each day with a smile and a prayer of thanks.  I am so happy, and each day it is a joy to know that no one is going to take it away, because the happier I am, the more happiness I receive.”  How the Secret Changed My Life.

“God’s will for me is perfect happiness.”  A Course in Miracles.

It is easier to have a happy day if we never let a “down” feeling get started.  Of course, we can always imagine starting the day over, but that delays things.  If we deliberately start the day by thinking so-called “good” thoughts, we are a leg up.  The down feeling never has a chance.

Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, says that she starts each day with gratitude.  This works, if we work it.  But we have to truly feel what we are saying; just expressing thanks with half a mind won’t shift any feelings, and it is ultimately feelings that we are attempting to shift.

Sometimes our day starts off OK, and then we start worrying, ruining the good feeling that began.  This is the time to start over.  This is the time to relax and let God, if one is spiritual at all.

When we aim to feel happiness, all of our desires to make a contribution to the world fall into place.  Happiness is not an inferior goal; it is the way to achieving the greatest goals that we ever have.   Of course, I have not always believed that.

When I was first teaching, I engaged one of my 18-year-old students in conversation during a tutorial session, and she made a pitch for happiness being her purpose in life.  I didn’t let her know how judgmental that made me feel, for I felt that making a meaningful contribution to the world was far more important than a selfish consideration of one’s happiness.

Now I know better.  We do best for others as well as ourselves when we drop negativity and allow our good mood to rise, allow happiness a chance.

This is the best way to contribute to our world.  From a positive and happy frame of mind.  And a loving heart.


3 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. There are indeed times in life when it is not easy to remain positive in one’s thinking. Doing something we are really passionate about invariably helps.

    Wish to compliment you on the depth of your blog posts.


  2. What a beautiful piece! I haven’t read The Secret. I will put that on my reading list. So many people have said it has changed their lives. I’m so glad I’ve followed you. Thank you.


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