Desires of the Heart

“But what if you woke up every day and you just said, ‘What if I went for the things that I want?  My dreams?  You hit the alarm clock, you put your feet on the floor, and you just go for it.  To have that magic back in your life. . .to live for the sake of possibility.”  – Liz Murray in Rhonda Byrne’s The Hero.

“Climb every mountain

“Ford every stream

“Follow every rainbow

“’Till you find your dream.”  –  lyrics by Jordan Smith


We need to get some real magic back in our lives, to reach for the stars, sure that we can at least touch them.  This type of thinking and feeling will actually raise one’s spirits, and we all know that we are more likely to attract what we love if we are in a good mood.  We knew this truth even before we had ever heard of the law of attraction, because the belief was borne out in results repeatedly in our earlier lives.

When we reach for the stars, we are believing in the seemingly impossible.  When this impossibility actually manifests, we will have the evidence that we need that the law of attraction is just like gravity, a law of the universe that affects each of us, whether we know it or not.  And knowing it opens up vistas that had been closed to us heretofore.

Reach for one’s dreams.  If we can dream it, and then really believe that it is ours, then we are fulfilling the spirit of the law of attraction.  If we have doubts, we short-circuit the result, and our desire will not manifest.  We get rid of these doubts by going within and asking if this is a “right” thing.  If we are sure that it is, we will have no doubts.

I once longed for a particular love in my life, but I had my doubts, and as a result, I never took up the issue in prayer.  This was odd, for I prayed quite a bit, and this love seemed vital to my life.  Yet deep within, I knew that this particular love wasn’t right for me.  And of course the law of attraction agreed with me, choosing another love for me that turned out fabulously.

Be sure that one’s dream is the right dream.  Then we can visualize with certainty, and the law of attraction will respond with the desires of our heart.


One thought on “Desires of the Heart

  1. Thank you for this post. I think being inspired helps us to take the right actions that we need to fulfil our dreams. And remain open to the possibilities that lead to their fruition.


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