“History has shown you that what you believe is possible becomes possible.  Science has proven the link between researcher and research findings.  Still you find it difficult to believe that what is possible depends upon what you can imagine being possible.  You must cease to see the difficulty and begin to see the ease with which what you can imagine becomes reality.

“You have no capabilities that do not serve you, because they were created to serve you.  The ability to imagine is such a capability, freely and equally given to all.”  A Course of Love

This is the way to our heart’s desire:  imagination.  What we imagine with fervor in our heart is what we will experience.  We can change our lives this way.  This is the essence of the law of attraction.

We don’t want to imagine the worst, for the law is exact (as Rhonda Byrne says, like a photocopier).   We can let dire imaginings rest lightly on our minds, let our worries rest lightly on our minds.  We can turn aside from the kind of mental ambush that gives us what we do not want.  We have this in our power.

Visualization is actually imagination in a deliberate exercise.  Be sure to engage the heart in visualizations.  The heart is the center of our being, as A Course of Love says.  This book, many believe channeled by Jesus, is keen on the heart.  The heart knows what we truly want more than our conflicted, often egoic, mind.

Be sure that our mood has lifted when we start to imagine, for otherwise we will be caught in imagining the worst.  A bad mood is fueled by thoughts of bad consequences.  Be gentle with ourselves, and choose to reflect, in one’s imagination, the next time our mood is good.  Choose good times to imagine, and what our heart’s desire really is will come to us.



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