Happiness & Money

“The love of money is the root of all evil.”  – 1 Timothy 6:10

“Our human minds are limited but the intelligence of love is unlimited.  Its ways are beyond our comprehension.  Don’t limit your life by thinking money is the only way to get something you want.  Don’t make money your only target, but make your target what you want to be, do, or have.  If you want a new home, imagine and feel the joy of living in it.  You if want beautiful clothes, appliances, or a car; if you want to go to college, move to another country, receive training in music, acting, or a sport—imagine it!  All these things can come to you in an unlimited number of ways.”  – The Power, by Rhonda Byrne

Often we think that with more money, just some more, we would be happy.  But if we had more money, we might change our expectations and therefore the “more money” would not have satisfied us at all.  It is what money can buy that we really want, and even this can be an inferior want.  What we are really seeking is our own happiness, and to have happiness we must know ourselves really well, asking always what would make us happy.

What might we do to have the happiness that we seek?  It may reside in service to others, and this we can do without money at all.  So beware of thinking that more money will solve all our worries.  If we haven’t learned how to live well without the money, having the more will not help us—as much as we might think so now.

It is joy that we seek.  Find what gives us joy, and we are on the road to a fulfilling life.


One thought on “Happiness & Money

  1. Love this, very true and very sad! I recently spent some time volunteering in Uganda and wow some of the most thankful and happy people I have ever met. It just goes to show 🙏🏽


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