Focus of the Mind

“You, therefore, are a creator.  And you create without ceasing.  You remain, today, exactly as you were when you were created by your Self.  You remain free to create whatever you want to perceive.  And you do it from within the mind and you extend it out, you radiate it out, with every thought you think.”  “The Way of Knowing, “ in The Way of Mastery

We are creators, in our heart of hearts.  And in turn, we were created by the Self, which is another word for God Himself, for we did not create ourselves—something we forget when we are being very arrogant.  Our thoughts create our experiences, and these experiences often take tangible form.  We reach out from deep within, focus on what we want, and, lo, it appears.  If we believe, if we can bring ourselves to that point of truly believing.

It takes focus of the mind.  And the one way that we can focus most clearly is prayer.  We suspend our doubting mind when we commune with the Self, the Creator, God Himself/Herself.  In this oasis of calm and power, what we light upon as a desire, indeed has wings.  Our focus and our calm demeanor ensure that we will not contradict what we are asking.  We truly are then our own best friend.


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