As You Think, So Shall You Be

“Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, if you are to complete this study of The Way of Knowing, then know this—as you think, so shall you be.  How you think, how you choose to perceive and believe will determine what you see in the world.  And what you believe you see will determine how you act.  It will determine the friends you keep, the kind of career you create, where you live, and how you feel.”  “The Way of Knowing, “ in The Way of Mastery

This is the way of manifestation fully manifested, itself.  We think, we believe, and then we create experience.  Has this not formed out life already?  Can’t we see this?

I can certainly see how my ambition shaped my careers.  I was a slow starter, after a burst of achievement in my first job.  But always I wanted more, and so into my thirties, I went back to school to prepare for that “more.”

I have never regretted it.  I did not have blind ambition, but I did have ambition.  And now I am living out another facet of that ambition in daily writing, the days of English, and librarianship, long gone.

We have been creating our world experiences all along.

Now is the time to create our world experiences consciously.  Choose what thoughts occupy the mind and heart.  Make right choices, and the life that we have only dreamed about will become a fait accompli.


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