“Appreciate what you have created.  Find what can be appreciated within it.  Wrap the arms of your love around it.  Bring unconditional love to it.  Thereby, you will find a window, a doorway to the creation of a new use of the mind that must necessarily require the universe to rearrange itself to accommodate the new vibration.  Appreciation and Love and unlimitedness require the universe to show up in a different way.”  “The Way of Knowing,” in Way of Mastery

We need to discover how to use our minds, how to use them in the best way to create the world that we want in our own personal space.  We have used our minds for ill, and when we do that, the world that we have been creating is ill also.  We must stop this.  How do we stop this?

We can start with a timeout, a time spent in prayer and communion with our God.  He means us well, and however secular the forces of nature that give us what we focus on, the ways of God are myriad, and His love overcomes our indecision about how to think.  How we think is most important.  When we turn our focus to Love, we are in harmony with the music of the spheres.  Love overcomes all ill effects from the misuse of our minds.  It is the way home.

The universe, God Himself, will oblige by accommodating what we see with what we want.  We will have broken through the barrier that our own ill thoughts made for us.  We will truly walk into good creation, using our minds for good and not ill.

Try a little prayer.  Start small, and then build from there.  Contemplation, with God at the helm, works.

The doorway is open.  We need only walk through it.


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