Lifting Our Mood

“Do you speak of prosperity, joy, and abundance or do you speak of pain, problems, and woes?  People form images of you as you speak to them.  You may think that if you told everyone how abundant your life is when it is not you would be lying—yet I will say if you tell everyone how abundant your life is, very shortly you will be telling the truth!  In addition, if you can become aware of and grateful for the abundance you already have, it will increase.”  Sanaya Roman, Personal Power through Awareness

How many times we let our mood drop into depression or despair!  Life does not have to be lived this way; we do have a choice.  Even if our brain chemicals are predisposed to depression, we can learn coping skills—and we can get help, whether in the form of medication, cognitive therapy, or simply talk therapy with friends or family.  It is when we say “poor me” that we are really defeated.  And life is not meant to be lived in defeat.

If we change how we talk about our life, we will create a reality that bends to that talk.  If the talk is optimistic, then, lo and behold, our lives will become if not optimistic, at least more so.  This is the law of attraction; this is creating our own reality.

Many books extol the law of attraction, though not so many call it that.  I am quoting from many of them, and the Bible is one.  Our way to a better life is within our hands.  We can become students of our lives, studying what lifts our mood and what depresses us.  When we pay attention, we will see patterns in our moods.  Everyone sees some joy in a lifetime.  And sometimes it is those who seemingly have less that actually see the most joy.

Their secret is gratitude for the blessings of life itself.  The sun, the moon, the birds of the air, nature in all its glory—these are free to everyone, and if we have an abundant eye, we will take them all in and join our mood to their glory.

Then we too will have glory.


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