“Karma can be transcended by translating it into something else.  Karma can become the fulfillment of your purpose, your very way to extend and teach only Love.  For when you see that the effects, called your life, are the result of limited, fearful, negative thoughts or beliefs you have held about yourself and about the world, you can embrace the effects you have created and see them in a new light:

“I choose to allow these very conditions to be those conditions under which I now learn to choose Love.

“What can I appreciate in this moment?

“What can I give forgiveness unto?

“Where can I overcome fear of speaking out and share a truth with a friend?

“What have I been avoiding that I can now embrace?”  “The Way of Knowing,” in Way of Mastery

This is a spiritual way of saying that we create our own reality.  This idea was popularized in New Age circles years ago by Jane Roberts’ Seth.  The law of attraction as described by Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret (and other books by her) has added to the number who believe that, indeed, we do create our own reality.

Creating our own reality in the way of attraction seems a more secular way to pray.  Whatever we focus upon becomes true.  You may have known friends (or maybe, yourself), who had a run of bad luck, with one thing after another, in a short period if time, going very wrong.  This is a good example of an insufficient approach toward positivity.  When we begin thinking very negatively, we can influence our future in quite contrary ways.

Rhonda makes the point that love must come first (in The Power).  This gives a more religious take, for those of us attuned to spirituality.  Our love for ourselves and others, and our love for our Maker, change the outer manifestations in our lives.  We are no longer putting fear first.  And the resultant positivity is bound to influence even more secular matters in a kindly fashion.

Love unconditionally, and karma is even blunted.  If we can make bad things go away, have we not learned an important concept about ultimate reality?


2 Replies to “Karma”

  1. Karma is nothing but your action. For every action, there must be an reaction. If you do good things to others, that will return to you in anyway. If you bad things to others, the same will happen to you as well.


  2. I know this is an older blog, but, I enjoyed reading it. In Biophysics 101 (when I was a graduate student a long time ago), we learned that when energy is focused on a biological system it grows. The idea that what we focus on becomes true is similar, but it also may explain why when we focus on a world viewpoint (such as Fox News, spirituality or Jane Roberts) that becomes true.


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