Envision What You Truly Want

“Envision. . .what it is you truly want.

“Test it.  Be careful of this, my friends, because if you envision something quite casually and do it with conviction, even though you may not be sure you want it, it will manifest.

“This is neither magic nor false hope.  It is the reality of the power of your creative impulse.

“This is why it is so important to develop self-awareness to the depths of your ability so that no creation can come about in your life without your having made the choice.”  Emmanuel’s Book (Pat Rodegast)

How do we protect ourselves from this danger, that we will create things in our lives that we don’t want?  Emmanuel’s warning is very real.  The antidote to false creation, creating what we don’t want, is being cocooned by Love.  This is God’s Love, and this will save us.

We all have creative impulses, and when we turn these creative impulses to what we don’t want, focusing on what we don’t want, we are in danger of making it real in our experiences.  Why would we do this?  Do we have a masochistic vein in our bodies?

It may very well be true that some of our impulses, some of what we focus upon, is chosen because of masochism.  When we relax, and let our natural, inner, love come to the surface, we will short-circuit the focus that masochism has elicited in us.  Our real emotions, shorn of the ego, are all love.  The ego is fear, and when we let it reign, our fear makes for things in our life that are ill-advised.

Do nothing egotistical.  Pray to be relieved of this impulse.  Let our natural love come to the forefront, and our focus will be positive.

Then our creations will all be positive as well.


One thought on “Envision What You Truly Want

  1. I like your perspectives so much. You’d love chapter 13 Activating the Law of Faith in the book The Celestial Proposal. It outlines why and how the law works and the obstacles standing in our way. But YES, the law of manifesting our reality with faith/strong heartfelt belief is REAL. God is good, isn’t he?


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