Asking for a Partner

“If you’re repeatedly having interactions with people who are inappropriate or selfish, something deeper is going on.  What’s so amazing about the mind is that whatever we expect on a subconscious level is what we create.  So if you want to find the right partner, you have to not only know your own worth but also believe that someone out there will see it.”   Martha Beck, in O:  the Oprah Magazine

Here belief is seen as very important, and not only belief, but belief deep in the mind, on a subconscious level, where if we go deep enough, we are one with God.  We cannot just say affirmations, especially not just superficially, and hope to make a difference in our outer world.  We have to heal way down deeply, and when we heal deeply, we are asking God to heal us.

It can be one of the most frustrating experience in life to want a soul partner, and to find ourselves alone, and sometimes, often maybe, alone for a long, long time.  The problem here is that all parts of our mind are not ready for the relationship that we only think we fervently want.  We are having thoughts, subconscious and conscious, that are denying our prayer.  Even God Himself can’t move to answer prayer if we are negating the words.

We can ask for healing of all of our mind.  When we are sure that there is no ambivalence in our asking, then our belief is taking form, and a tangible answer—a partner—is much more likely to manifest.

This matter of subconscious healing is very important, and I find in my reading that it is not emphasized sufficiently.  Our subconscious will negate the conscious every time, if they differ.

Our heart speaks the language of the subconscious, and it is this to which we appeal when we want a life partner.  If conflict arises, know that this too can be overcome.  Then the asking will come from the whole mind, informed by the heart.


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