“The secret of salvation is simply this:  I am doing it to myself.  This is true no matter what seems to happen in the dream, for you are the dreamer of the dream.  Forget that you are dreaming, and you seem to be cast adrift in a hostile and uncaring world, at the mercy of forces beyond your control.  Remember the part you plan in making the dream, and you are free of the need to react and defend and attack.  When all projection is laid aside and judgement relinquished, there is nothing left to do but accept and forgive everyone and everything, and in that are you free at last.”  From the Christ Mind:  Jesus of Nazareth (Book 1), by Darrell Morley Price

We may be lost in a dream, a dream of reality, not true reality at all.  This is a tenet of A Course in Miracles, and Darrell Morley Price is summarizing and elucidating that book in the quotation above.

We can see how this would work, for we know that we are the creators of our nighttime dreams.  Daytime dreams would work just the same way, though the way in which they play out may be different.

If we are making up our daytime dream, we indeed are able to create what we want by our focus.  This is the primary conclusion of the law of attraction:  What we focus on becomes true.  If we don’t like our dream, we can shift our focus and create something new, making sure that our focus is coming from deep within us.

We create our reality; what we think about manifests.

It is just that simple, and just that alarming, for who among us really is able to choose thoughts consistently?  But it is up to us to seize control of our mind, and to do just that—choose good thoughts consistently.

Then our dream will morph, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, into something that will give us joy continually.


One thought on “Dreams

  1. Oh so true – what we focus on is definitely what we experience in our life and you’re right, we need to be careful about taking control of our thoughts to make sure they’re going to bring positive things into our lives and learn the lessons we need to learn along the route.


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