“These days, sitting atop my perch as a 64-year-old, I can see clearly that the collective consciousness if we-the-people is the cause of much of our national angst.  How much energy have we given to thinking about ‘how bad things are’?  How much more are we going to give?

“I for one am weary of the refrain.  Because what we focus on expands.  The more we complain, the worse things get.  It’s a universal law.

“Our insatiable desire for ‘reality’ entertainment, gossip, the dish on anyone—our human tendency to look for the worst in others to make ourselves feel better by comparison—has created a culture where it’s hard to see that life is a mirror. . . .

“Freedom offers you the opportunity to stir things up, to bring your light and break up the darkness.  To make your mark.  Contribute.  Give.  Knock down the negative.  And build a world worthy of your highest good.  Let’s do it.”  Oprah Winfrey

This is Oprah’s inspired pep talk.  Many are her admirers, and she, herself, does look for the good, always.

Life IS a mirror, and what we dwell upon, whether it be positive or negative, will come back.  We have heard it said, “Be very careful what you wish for, for it will surely be yours.”  There is warning in those words, for all too often we “wish” in negative ways by the focus of our minds and hearts.

Let our real heart speak to us today.  It is the part of the Self who does not need proof of God’s existence.  The heart knows that consciousness pervades the whole, the whole cosmos.  And this consciousness is what has been termed “God.”   Many atheists might feel differently if we just focused on the pervasive consciousness of the whole.

Focus on what brings joy.  Not gossip, not bad vibes about politics.  Focus on what we want to be in our highest imagination.

Our dreams can and will come true when we give them our focus.  The mirror will be like a photocopier (as Rhonda Byrne says), giving us what we have desired in the deepest part of our heart.


4 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. Deb

    Thank you sincerely for this message today Celia. As a 63-year-old, I am questioning the maturing of humanity..and how that can become with all this social media. I simply am not on any platforms except WordPress. I deeply pray on bringing the positive to light and where even truth, be it good or ugly..be seen such a blessing as it is truth…and with that truth we can empower our world to align more rightly to all that is a Holy nature..a true vibration of the Divine.
    This awakening is indeed a messy affair, yet in the mess of things..we need not be of them…yet be kindness observing such, and flow Light more abundantly to witness our ways to transform even the ugly…beyond itself…and shine a new way..because of the truth.
    Thank you for your beautiful blogging that I have followed for years..you and your messages are so inspiring and so deeply needed…Namaste’ God Blesses abundantly…each moment..


  2. Again you have hit, right on target, the thoughts and feelings swarming through me these days. I always strive to turn away from the negative/judging/fear-based thoughts that some leaders of our country love to stir up in us all and uses to create conflict, hate, and violence. I started seriously “practicing” the Law of Detachment, from a Deepak book, to bolster my weakening personal resolve to guard the gate of my Consciousness/Self. It helped enormously, but I confess, my sorrow about the imprisoned children has shaken me to my soul. These are lifelong wounds that can never be erased. This horror is happening to them just at the time in their lives when they afirst learning what life is supposed to be like, the ages when the core-beliefs that will subconsciously influence their lifetime are being formed.
    But it’s reassurung to know that you and others are also shoring up your emotional investment and pulling back from what’s awful to focus on a conciousness of peace and justice, instead of resentment and revenge. There will be people in this world that we cannot change, for their work here is to create obstacles and challenges for us to meet, and for us to make choices in how we meet them.
    There is a website you might find relevant to this, about New Though & the New Paradigm of conscious choicemaking. It’s http://www.darkhorsepress.com
    Thank you for your messages. My mailbox lights up with these truths, and we can not share them enough


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