“Be careful what you set your heart on, for it will surely be yours.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson was a transcendentalist from the Nineteenth Century who understood the law of attraction.  Many of us have heard this quotation.  It does contain a warning, but it also contains a promise, and it is the promise that I want to dwell on today.

When we set our heart upon something, we are in the center of our being.  A Course of Love, a channeled work attributed to Jesus, a recent channeled work, says that we would function better if we let our heart inform our mind.  The mind is seen also in The Way of Mastery Platform as a very “stupid” servant of the heart.

These are strong words, but who among us has not given our mind more power than it really has?  The mind has been invaded by the ego, and this has made for madness.  Only when we get the madness out, give up the false persona that is the ego, will we find peace.

The heart does not demand proof of ultimate reality, and by this, we can read “God.”  When we listen to our heart, we know that there is something more than we can see.  We intuit a greater Reality, and many of us call this greater Reality, “God.”

So dwell with feelings today; let our heart lead.  This will move our focus on intangible blessings, lasting blessings, and move it away from the insatiable desire to covet more material objects.  Materialism is a false pathway, and though we are made happier when we are without material need, we can never collect enough toys to satisfy for long.  We are constantly going back to the well.

Let the heart tell us what is really going to make us happy, help us make a contribution to this hurting world.  We can find our purpose in turning to our heart, and then the law of attraction brings it to us.

Just like that.


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