Just Stop Disturbing Our Lasting Peace

“He gave a short lecture in their living room and began by saying, ‘Nothing can bring you lasting peace.’  It felt validating to hear that, but I was profoundly depressed and he seemed radiantly happy.  He went on to say the other half of the equation, ‘Nothing can bring lasting peace, but you have it already if you just stop disturbing it.  It is there always.’  That moment changed my life. . . .

“Although I had experienced at age nineteen that nothing material from the outside world would bring lasting happiness, it was an overwhelming realization, do I pretended to myself that it wasn’t true.  I didn’t want to believe it.”  Dean Ornish, Love & Survival

I am not leaving behind the law of attraction.  It attracted me to this quotation.  We can certainly get much more pleasure in life if we conscientiously apply the law of attraction with our minds and hearts.  But we don’t gain lasting happiness and joy from drawing outward things to our bodies.  Our spirit has a deeper knowledge.  And it is that we already have what we need to live well.  We just don’t often recognize this fact of life.

Spend a while in quiet contemplation.  Ask if there is anything tangible that we have gotten that has long satisfied us.  No, there is not—not long term.  It is the intangibles that satisfy, the love, the peace, the harmony in our daily lives.  And these things can come to us right away, right this minute, if we open our hearts.

We already have what we need to live joyous lives.  Turn to our heart, waiting inside.  The heart doesn’t need proof that we are not all alone in the universe.  The heart knows that our companionship wells up from within us, and this companionship is often an unrecognized affinity for Love, the God within.

We are made for God, even when we don’t know Him or recognize Him.  He blesses us with the material, but He knows that in our heart we have higher ideals.

Accept those higher ideals today.


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