Ask with Belief

“The fundamental cause of our distress. . .is our very mental habits themselves.  In an everyday sense, karma—the law of cause and effect—stems from what a Tibetan text refers to as ‘solidified patterns of grasping and fixation.’  These solidified patterns, or mental habits, are also known as ‘emotional and cognitive obscurations,’ the tendency of the mind to repeat patterns of thought and feeling over and over.

“The more often we repeat a mental pattern, the more likely it becomes in the future; in this sense these mental patterns are the seeds of our karma.  The path to liberation, to transcending our karma, then, begins with freeing ourselves from the most well-trodden paths—the deepest ruts—of our mind.”  Tara Bennett – Goleman, Emotional Alchemy

We need to eliminate obsessions, because even good thoughts, if taken to extremes, do not serve us.  If we repeat the same idea over and over, Tara says that it is more likely to become the future.  This need not be detrimental, but who among us can keep repeating a single idea for a long time without becoming depressed?

We sink into depression because we don’t see our idea manifesting immediately.  And we doubt.  This doubt is the seedbed for the fact that our desires don’t seem to manifest.  Our doubt has killed us.

We need to ask, dwell on the feelings that this asking evokes in us—and then, let it be.  Repeatedly asking for the same thing does not bode well, for we are manifesting NOT getting our desire by noticing that it is not here yet.

Grasping for what we want will not work, because we lack faith that our heartfelt desires will actually come to us.  The spirituality in the law of attraction would have us ask with faith, never doubting, and until we can come to this point of believing, we need to wonder if we are asking for the right thing.

Asking for pie in the sky is not really believable, and it is on the fulcrum of belief that our success in attraction lies.


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