“To create more time, watch your words and thoughts about time.  Do you say to yourself or others, ‘I never have enough time; I am so pressured, and I wonder how I will get all this done?’  Your words, thoughts, and beliefs are creating your reality, so begin by telling yourself you have all the time you need.  Start saying such things as, ‘I have all the time I need; I do things in a relaxed, focused way,’ Even if you do not believe this at first, your words and thoughts will soon create this as your reality.”  Sanaya Roman, Spiritual Growth

We are relax into time, just do things in a measured pace that will promote mindfulness in our daily round.  To do this well, our minds and hearts have to be in alignment.  And we have to slow down, letting the richer tones of our deep inner Self emerge.  This is the Self Who is merged with God, deep inside us, our interior being.  This is what will save us, and, along the way, give us the sense of slow time that we need.

Time slows down when we are “in the zone.”  Athletes talk about this; it is when they can do no wrong.  Every basketball goes in the basket, every tennis ball is served back over the net.  We can invite this memorable and enjoyable process in our daily lives.  And to do so will enliven our days with a joy that we have heretofore only imagined.

Let our imaginations play.  Walk with measured pace, use our hands in a measured way.  Practice will make this new way of acting habitual.  And in the process, for us, time will slow down.


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