Speaking from the viewpoint of God:  “If you learn to see and love my beauty, I will bring to you still more beauty for you to see and to love.  Your appreciation multiplies your good.  As you receive and respond, I am able to give to you.   The more receptive you can be, the more generous I can be.  It is my nature to give.  Allow me to fulfill my nature in my interactions with you.  I am love.  Allow me to be loving.  Look for my love and you will find it.  Having found my love, expect more of it.  Allow the negative, the harsh, and the ugly to be washed away.”  Julia Cameron, Answered Prayers

“The more receptive you can be, the more generous I can be.”  And we might come to understand that being receptive includes at least a modicum of appreciation.  It is in the nature of appreciation to be receptive to giving and receiving.

Beauty is all around us in our world.  When we are open to seeing more beauty, it almost magically seems to become visible to us.  This is because we are appreciating the beauty, and so this beauty expands.  God’s nature, to give more and more when He has a receptive audience.

Receptivity is crucial to the law of attraction.  How can we attract what we want if we are not prepared to receive that which we want?  When we are fully prepared, the gift will be there for us.  The gift will indeed be delayed until we are ready for it, until we have gotten the negative out of the way, and we have prepared for the blessing.

If we are not ready for a large sum of money, for example, it is very likely that we will not receive what we have asked for.  If we would blow the money because we are not prepared to see ourselves in abundance, then that abundance will be kept in abeyance until we are ready.

God does not engulf us with what we are not yet ready to receive.  As the beauty multiples, we see an abundant world of more and more beauty.

And it is the same with material blessings.


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