Your Life Is Not Your Master / It Is Your Child

“You have designed your life yourself.

“You have created nothing in your outer reality that is stranger to you.”

“The inestimable joy of human manifestation is to see around you in what seem to be outer circumstances what you truly believe as a soul.

“Look at your physical manifestations as a symbol and view your body as an extension of your soul, the spoken word of your being.

“Your life is not your master.

“It is your child.”  Emmanuel’s Book (Pat Rodegast)

A beautiful restatement of the truth that we create the reality in which we find ourselves immersed.  We create the life we wish, often through self-fulfilling prophecies.  If we think we can’t have or do something, we make this real for us.  If, on the other hand, we think we can have or do something, forces are set in motion that give us the thing that is chosen by our heart.  IF we believe that it is ours.  Belief is crucial, because without it we wander in a mire, unsure of ourselves and of the world in which we find ourselves.  We wander at the mercy of forces that we only think we don’t control.

We do control these forces.  If we think back about something for which we said affirmations, and this something never materialized, I think we will find that we didn’t think it was meant to be ours at all.  The crucial element of belief, true and good, was missing.  We thought that it was too good to be true, or just plain luck, or any number of ideas that kept a wish from becoming manifest.

We must dwell in our heart to be a good manifesting being.  We must go within, ask if what we are asking is actually what we really want, and we must ask if it has our name on it.  If we are unsure, we are not going to see the law of attraction bring that element into our lives.

We do shape our outer surroundings, even as we also shape our inner.  We must find a way to discern what it is we are truly desiring, and then claim it, for the law to work in our behalf.


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