“Is working for material things a hindrance to our spiritual purpose?

“Not if you see material things as materialized consciousness.

“When one is in the material world one must have food and clothing.  And one desires a home that is beautiful, comfortable, a place to be.

“These are the accoutrements of self-love.  When self-love is truly acknowledged you will not deny yourself any of these things.  Self-love will open your hands to receive as well as to give.  And certainly it is not taking something away from someone else.  Your universe is boundless.  There is more than enough of everything for everyone.”  Emmanuel’s Book (Pat Rodegast)

More than enough for everyone!  And the Divine knows that we have need of material things in a material world.  He also wants us happy, and we do derive some happiness from our “toys,” and these toys do extend beyond the necessities.

God is not naïve.  He created us, and He knows what will give us joy.  We need not downplay the material in a material world, and many of us are confused on this issue.  We think that creature comforts are bad, maybe immoral, maybe a sin.

We don’t have to think this way.  God places us on this earth to enjoy the physical, for we are physical, and the physical is something we can understand without straining.

Be reassured that our desire for more than spirituality is not denounced, but blessed by God Himself.  He is our Friend, and He knows what it takes to give us the happiness that He would wish for us all.

We don’t have to feel guilty when we ask for something tangible.


3 thoughts on “Self-Love

    1. Blogs are free in every respect. No subscriber pays anything to subscribe, I don’t get any money for my writing, but I also don’t have to pay anything to have blogs. I have used guest posts on another blog (“Miracles Each Day”) with full attribution, in the subject line, to the author. I can offer that to you. You will gain experience in writing that might help you make some money down the road.

      Sorry, Celia


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