“We tend to get what we expect.”  Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale wrote the classic, The Power of Positive Thinking.  There is much in his work that is very practical about the law of attraction.  The only difference in what is being said now about the law of attraction is to phrase the quotation, “We get what we expect.”  That is the only difference.

Why do expectations make such a difference?  We are looking ahead at images in our minds, and our vision will make an image of what we are hoping to receive.  This then becomes concretized in the material world.  It is just that simple, but also just that complex.  Our minds and hearts must be very sure of what we want, and we must be very clear in articulating it, to have the concretized image appear.

We can’t “fool” the law of attraction.  If our belief is not strong, if we don’t really think we are worthy to have the objects of our devotion, then the Universe will say, “nothing doing.”  It helps to be little psychic.  When we imagine something and it feels right, that it is in line with our inner being, then we are able to believe much more successfully.  We can’t believe if it isn’t something out there for us, if we have a feeling that it is not going to be ours.  We will foil the manifestation every time.

So expect, and walk a clear path straight to our goals.  Be sure that it is a good thing, but once you are sure, go all out.  The way will then clear, and the concretized image will manifest.

3 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Yes, doubt is one of the main obstacles standing in our way of manifesting what we want, but there are many more! It really is a skill to develop, isn’t it? Do you think the law of attraction is just a new term for having a powerful faith?


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