Money to Support Dreams

“‘I wish my husband would support my dreams,’ a student complained to me. ‘He did offer to pay for  me to take my master’s, but I’d like his emotional support.’

“For some people, money is their version of emotional support.  We must learn to let people give what they can instead of demanding they give what we wish.”  Julia Cameron, The Vein of Gold

We sometimes expect what will not come, even using the law of attraction.  And we grumble about our desires not being met.  Actually, we know already when our desires will not be met, we have strong doubts, and this in itself cancels any attraction that we might summon up.

There are some times when we need to give the others in our lives some slack, letting them give to us what is most comfortable to them.  If it is money, as in this anecdote, when we are grateful for money.  We are simply beating our head against a wall when we ask for what we know will not come about.  This is conflict, and conflict denies the law of attraction.

Gratefulness means that we summon courage to be strong in the face of blessings that might be different from our fondest wish.   Our fondest wish is that we be happy and contented, at peace and feeling joy, and when we niggle about the way in which our gifts come to us, we are walking up the wrong path.

Accept money, if that is what our loved ones want to give.  Emotional support can come from a place other than our nearest and dearest.

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