“But do not be alarmed.  The Bible also constantly reiterates another great truth, ‘That which I have greatly believed has come upon me.’  It does not make that statement in so many words, and yet again and again and still again the Bible tells us that if we have faith ‘nothing is impossible’ unto us, and ‘according to your faith be it done unto you.’  So if you shift your mind from fear to faith you will stop creating the object of your fear and will, instead, actualize the object of your faith.  Surround your mind with healthy thoughts, thoughts of faith, and not fear, and you will produce faith results instead of fear results.”  Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking

Spirituality confronts the law of attraction through the idea of belief with great intensity, belief that is supported by faith in God, faith in our brothers and sisters, and faith in ourselves.   We know that when we fear something, we do attract that negative thing.  This is the impersonal nature of the law of attraction.  But when we simply step aside from the fear, give it no credence, then our minds and hearts are primed for the replacement of fear by faith.  The only thing stronger than fear is the love in our hearts that resides there because of our faith in the benevolent nature of the universe.  When we believe that we live in a friendly universe, we are ready for anything.  And the very best of that anything comes to us.

Norman Vincent Peale was a popular minister and writer of the last century.  His practical brand of Christianity took the most serene and peaceful parts of the Bible, and married them to positive thinking.  It is this positivity that allows the law of attraction to work for us now, too.  When we fall into negativity, we attract just that.  But positivity, supported by religious faith, sets us up to receive all good things from a benevolent cosmos.

Drop fear by substituting faith in a Power greater than ourselves.  We know that we did not make ourselves, did not create ourselves.  Might not there be Someone Who did?  Someone Who loves to give us our heart’s desire?


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