Seek Emotional Health in the Positive

You must want your emotional health even more than you want to get rid of your emotional distress.  Remember, your attention is the key to your success.  If your attention is on how much you want to get rid of your pain, then your attention is on your pain.  But if you attention is directed toward your healthy functioning, your inner peace, that is exactly where you will be headed.”  Richard Carlson

The law of attraction works for our emotions, too.  When we focus on healthy emotions, we attract those; when we focus on negative emotions, we get those instead.  There is no other way to understand the power of the law of attraction.  What we focus on materializes.  Where we put the stress, we actualize.

If we focus on pain, wanting it to end, then we are focusing on what we want to get rid of, but ironically, we draw that pain closer to ourselves.  It takes only a slight shift in emphasis to say, and feel, that we want to remain healthy in our emotions, we want to feel good, happy, secure, satisfied.  If we think “pain,” we need to say a silent “halt,” or “cancel,” or whatever word works for us.  We will soon discover what that word is.  And then we are home free, contented with what the law of attraction is bringing to us.

Focus on the positive.  When we remain “up” in affect, in emotions, we see the way that we will live when all of our thoughts have been purified.


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