Universe Is God

“. . .[T]he relationship you have to your own thinking is the most significant factor in determining the quality of your life.  The reason:  Your thinking directs the way you feel.  The feeling you live in depends entirely on where your focus of attention lies.  If you learn to focus on and feel grateful for what you have in each moment, that thought process will become habit itself.  Similarly, when you focus on what is lacking or wrong with your life, you will always find a way to attract even more of what you don’t like.”  Richard Carlson

When we keep our mind focusing on what we like, what we enjoy, we are heading into using the law of attraction is a good way.  If we focus on the things that seemingly go wrong, then we are attracting more of the same.

When we allow our intuition to rise to the surface, we are touching God.  His comforting Presence makes everything alright, even the supposedly bad things.  He will see us through.  He is the Universe that we talk about with the law of attraction, for everything is He.  We are made of “God-stuff,” through and through, though we are finite, with finite minds.  Our hearts, though, can envision the true and good Who is God.  We don’t need proof of His existence when we listen to our heart.  The heart just knows.

Lift our thoughts today, and when this happens, the feelings will follow.  We will be on the road home to enlightenment, our truest experience of God.  And when we “feel” God, we are attracting the very best that the Universe can offer.


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