Harmony with the Divine

“Acting in sync with God’s will leaves us with a feeling of abundance.  We know we have what we need. We may even have more than we need.  Sourced in God, we have an infinite supply of spiritual strength.  Sourced in God, we are not lonely.  We find God meets our needs and may furthermore meet our wants.  We find that our will and God’s will are not at opposite ends of the table.  We have been praying for knowledge of God’s will for us and the power to carry it out.  Now we find our prayer has been answered.”  Julia Cameron, The Prosperous Heart

We do have our needs and wants satisfied when we are in harmony with the Divine.  We can try, in a secular way, to devise affirmations that will get us what we want, but if we do that, invoking the law of attraction, without that sense of harmony with the Universe, we may ask amiss.  It is unclear in the law of attraction if such secular treatment of the law will actually allow the Universe, God Himself, to save us from ourselves.  There is a saying, “Be very careful what you set your heart upon, because you will surely have it.”  This suggests that God does not always save us from ourselves, because sometimes we box ourselves in so much that we seem to want to learn the hard way.

We fulfill the spirit of the law of attraction, which is also called the law of love, with majesty when we sense internally that we are on a beam with a Higher Power.   What we ask for when we invoke divine blessing will not ever harm us; what we ask for that is not divinely blessed may turn out to be our nightmare.   If we feel love, we are more likely to act rightly, especially if we are not placed under a sense of guilt because of our wants.

God’s will is actually our real will; this from A Course in Miracles.  When we follow the best and highest that we know in our heart of hearts, we are following God’s will, and He does bless us.   The God we pray to is found in the deepest center of our Self, and It is the will of our deepest Self when we sense a harmony with All that exists.


5 thoughts on “Harmony with the Divine

  1. I appreciate that you keep the practice of manifestation so connected to the underlying self, or awakening! I like to read and learn about manifestation but often find that dimension missing. Thank you for writing!


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