Prosperity Consciousness

“Your prosperity consciousness is not dependent on money; your flow of money is dependent on your prosperity consciousness.”  Louise Hay

Mind comes first, as Louise realizes.  Our consciousness must be slanted in the right direction, though, which is toward having a positive attitude toward money.  If we just regret all the debt that we have and are still acquiring, Rhonda Byrne, from The Secret, says we will just always and forever attract more of the same.  Rhonda and her colleagues recommend playing games with debt figures, imagining (among other things) that the debt items are actually checks coming to us in the mail.  This lends a playful attitude to our bill-paying sessions, and it changes our mind to the positive.  Voila!  Debt slows down, and soon, very soon, we find that we have enough assets to live comfortably.

The more we think of prosperity as a full-spectrum thing, the better off we will be.  Wealth is not just money, but blessings of all sorts that come to engulf us when we are using the law of attraction rightly.  If we focus on what we want, being sure to thank the Universe (think God), then we are proceeding in the right way.  Wealth of all types will find us, for we are focusing on it in the best way.

It is good to think of money as a “flow,” for we are part of a universe of energy, energy which is on the move constantly.  Money is not a static thing to be grasped,  for the grasping is a form of attachment, and attachment pushes away what we want, for attachment is through and through laced with fear.  We are attached because we think we will lose what we want, and fear is the opposite of love.  The law of attraction, on the other hand, is also called the law of love.

We don’t have to be pecuniary with our prosperity consciousness.  It is enough to ask once, if our hearts are truly aligned with the Infinite.


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