Prosperous Heart

“The prosperous heart is not lonesome.  It has the companionship of God—or any Higher Power of our understanding—as well as of friends and colleagues.  Rather than cling to lopsided loves, it basks in the company of kindred spirits.  Guided by God, it chooses companions well.  Not only are its own emotional needs met, it trusts that Spirit meets the needs of its beloveds.  The prosperous heart affirms that there is more than enough to go around.”  Julia Cameron, The Prosperous Heart

There is more than enough to go around, something that the general public doesn’t understand.  But The Secret—in describing the law of attraction—does indicate that not all of us even want the same things.  We won’t break the bank.  God in His infinite mercy will provide when we are in harmony with his laws, and the law of attraction is very much a law of God.

We want friends in this world.   The idea that we are meant to be independent creatures has caused all of us great harm.  We are, instead, meant to be interdependent, giving to others as they give to us.  This binds us all together in a cocoon of love.

If we think we don’t have enough friends, we need to invoke the law of attraction.  If we think that we are lacking, we will be thinking lack, and that never brings us the next good thing.   Imagine the friends that one wants.  Imagine one’s self surrounded with comfort and support.  And, lo, this better idea will manifest.

Any of us can develop a prosperous heart.  It involved focusing on that which we want, rather than lamenting what seems not to be in our world at the present time.

Think big, never little.  And the companions whom we want will soon be on their way to us.


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