Why Gratitude Is Necessary

“Regardless of how much time you spent in therapy, you would never feel the value of therapy, would never reap the fruits of your labor, unless you were able to cultivate a sense of gratitude in your life.  Why?  Because the feeling of gratitude is a foundation of personal contentment, satisfaction, and the ability to enjoy life.   Gratitude is a powerful antidote to virtually all stress, unhappiness, and frustration.”  Richard Carlson

When we aren’t grateful, we are in negativity, and only positivity works in the law of attraction.  If we are thinking in a negative fashion, we will, just like a photocopying machine, make a “copy” of our negative thoughts, and these will come off the “machine” and right into our lives.

When we are glad that we have what we have, we are not reaching after mirages in the desert, illusions that will come to plague us over time.   Being glad (grateful) for what we have is the right starting point.  Then, in a positive frame of mind, we can put out a call to the Universe for the more that we long to have.  We have prepared our mind; now the Universe finds us and blesses us with the happiness that our wants, satisfied, can foster in us.

We might wonder why gratitude for what we already have is key.  It is because if we don’t treasure what we have, we won’t treasure any other goodies that might come to us.  The Universe can’t operate on such a slender cord of electricity.

It takes positive thought waves to activate the positive, and gratitude is among the most positive emotions that we can summon up.


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