What You Experience You Have Directly and Deliberately Called to Yourself

“In each and every moment, you cannot be a victim of what you see, and nothing is outside of you.  What you experience you have directly and deliberately called to yourself.  If you hold the thought, ‘I do not like what I have called to myself,’ that is perfectly fine.  For you have called to yourself the experience of being in judgment of yourself.  Merely look with the wonder of a child and see what it feels like and ask yourself, ‘Is this an energy I wish to continue in or would I choose something else?’”  (“The Way of the Heart,” in Way of Mastery (Christ Mind Trilogy), Chapter 1, Page 3)

This quotation is from a work channeled by an individual who prefers to be known as Jayem.  The message is believed by many to be from Jesus.  And here, if so, the message echoes A Course in Miracles, also believed to be a channeled work of Jesus.

Whether or not we believe this matters little.  Whatever the source, the quotation echoes what we know of the law of attraction.  We are doing this unto ourselves.  We don’t “blame the victim,” because our motivation comes from our very soul, and the soul knows things that are far beyond us.  The soul can make choices that seem, on the surface, to even be detrimental to us, but the best wins out in the end.

We can have what we call to ourselves, in the best tradition of the law of attraction.  If we turn within, we will call the very best.  Only if we think superficially may we call something to ourselves that in the end, we really don’t want. 

So we are asked to keep a positive frame of mind.  If what happens in our lives seems contrary to what we really want, we need to go within, where God dwells for an Answer of how to do better.


2 thoughts on “What You Experience You Have Directly and Deliberately Called to Yourself

  1. So true. We forget we are in the drivers seat and have our hand on the throttle of life. We bring life events to us through our actions and responses to life events. When you spend time looking over your life, you will see the correlation between events and your response delivering consequences. Simple to understand but difficult to put into practice at times.


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