Imagine, Envision, Desire

“The realization of unity is the binding realization that will return all as one body, to the natural state of Christ-consciousness.

“In this time of Christ, this time of direct revelation and direct sharing, the probable future you imagine, envision, desire, will be what you create.”  (A Course of Love, T4:6.3 – 6.4)

A Course of Love looks optimistically to the future.  This quotation emphasizes the law of attraction and our part in it.  If we “imagine, envision, and desire,” we will create.  Bottom line, what we think and feel, happens.

A Course of Love also tells us that we are in a new time, the time of Christ.  The book was channeled around the turn of this century, and so it is this century that is different.  Maybe, just maybe, we have an easier time of creating our reality than people of the past ever had.

We can choose a probable future.  This recalls Jane Roberts’ Seth, who declared in the seventies that probable futures are a reality, that we branch out into different versions of reality.  No other channeled work has made this so plain.  But its message is a little beyond us, because we can’t imagine how what Seth said could really be true.  We need to let it tease us out of thought, though.  His way offers great fuel of our imaginations, great realization that we have many chances to get it right in reality.

So what we imagine, envision, desire, will manifest.

And we won’t have to wait long.

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