“It is important to become aware when you focus on what you are not.  You may say, ‘I need to do this or that.  Why am I always so unorganized, so unfocused?’  Be aware that as you focus on your lack of certain qualities, you are rejecting and weakening the qualities that you want to develop.

“What you pay attention to is what you create.”  Sanaya Roman

 I have long noted that the law of attraction is a somewhat secular way that God allows us to live the best lives.  Sure, we focus best when we focus in love, but our frequencies still work when we don’t focus on love.  Not as well, surely, but for the doubters among us, those who aren’t sure of God’s Presence in this world, the fact that the focus of our personality makes our reality can be very soothing.

We need something for the secular among us.  I know that God loves all His children equally, and His heart is kind enough, and loving enough, to devise laws that will cover all of us, regardless of beliefs.  If we can’t bring ourselves to believe in God, He comes to us, and sometimes through the law of attraction.

We are learning how to live.  What we pay attention to, manifests.  These are simple ideas, but our minds are unruly and reject these notions far more than we would want to admit.

Spend a while in quiet meditation, aware that the Universe is listening.

I would say that “God” is listening, but maybe you wouldn’t


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