Does Life Have to Be Hard?

“Despite an outwardly ideal life, Joan has put a great deal of emphasis on her single thought, “Life is hard,” thus feeling the effects of her negativity strongly.  Ann, on the other hand, has learned to dismiss her negative thoughts, not out of conscious or unconscious denial, but simply because doing so brings gratitude back into her life quickly.  Ann knows that when she feels gratitude for what she already has, it’s much easier for her to make decisions from a place of wisdom—decisions that will ultimately improve her life, and the lives of her children, and make her even happier.  Then she will have even more to be grateful for—along with being an excellent role model for her children.”  Richard Carlson

Life does not have to be perceived as “hard.”  It is all mental.  The way that we look out on our world determines what we feel about this world.  And nobody can change our minds to a more positive slant except ourselves.

If we determine to see things more positively, we are taking the first step on a long and relatively easy pathway.  If we dwell on the negative, by the law of attraction, that focus will bring more things to lament.  Don’t lament today.  If we count our blessings, as the saying goes, we will be on a positive slant, and by the law of attraction, more and better things will accompany us on our pathway.

It is deceptive to go down in the doldrums and begrudge the life we have been given by imagining that it is such a hard road to travel.  What we see materializes.  Would we see things as hard, and thus ensure that this will be our lot in life, a hard life, begrudgingly experienced?

Turn to a better view today.  We have no time to lose.  It is life that we are missing when we fail to turn to an optimistic outlook.

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