Being Contented

“It’s where you place your attention that determines how you’re going to feel—not what you end up acquiring or achieving.  Again, this doesn’t mean that it’s inappropriate or unnecessary to strive toward goals, but it does suggest that achieving them won’t bring you happiness—unless you learn to feel gratitude for what you already have.”  Richard Carlson

We feel a ground swell of warmth when we turn our minds to God, to thanks for the blessings that we find so abundantly satisfied in our lives.  There may seem to be many lacks, and if we focus on these lacks, we will seem to find many more—for focus draws to us what we are thinking about.  But when we focus on the good things that we enjoy, this focus, by the law of attraction, brings forth more good things.  Like attracts like, in other words, as we know, for this is another way of articulating the law of attraction.

We are indeed like magnets, drawing to ourselves what we have focused upon, drawing more and more of that focus to ourselves.  In gratitude, we invite a warm, loving feeling.  And, lo and behold, that warmth encircles us with more and more.  We are abundantly blessed, all because we took the time to dwell on “thanks.”

We need to realize that one goal will lead to another, and another, and that there will be no end to them.  Goals are not the bad guys, of course, but we have to think about our focus.  And when we endeavor to reach a goal, often, once reached, we are in the mode of achieving, and we don’t feel much satisfaction at all.  So we are off to another goal.  It is not unlike pushing a boulder up a high incline, the eternal task in the myth of Sisyphus.

Set goals, but know what one is doing.  The real satisfaction in life is to be contented with that which we have, contented to increase that lot in life, but not to obsess about lack.

If we decide to be contented, then contentedness will follow us everywhere.  Even into the goals about which we think so much.

One thought on “Being Contented

  1. So true. Once we focus on gratitude we discover how rich we already are — and not through worldly possessions but the things that cannot be purchased (and matter most) like good health, friendships, the beauty of nature, etc.


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