Speak of Joy

“Do you speak of prosperity, joy, and abundance or do you speak of pain, problems, and woes?  People form images of you as you speak to them.  You may think that if you told everyone how abundant your life is when it is not you would be lying—yet I will say if you tell everyone how abundant your life is, very shortly you will be telling the truth!  In addition, if you can become aware of and grateful for the abundance you already have, it will increase.”  Sanaya Roman

What we speak of becomes our lot in life, for words are stronger than thoughts, and actions even stronger still.  If we think of and say positive things, then our experience will be positive.  It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, something that is akin, but not identical to, the law of attraction.

Self-fulfilling prophecies are taught in school in psychology, and so secular individuals recognize that we can create what we want in life by our choices.  From there it is only one step to the law of attraction, and certainly we want to attract good things.

Most often, psychology talks about our attracting what we don’t want, by imagining that it will be ours.  If negativity is our focus, we will not rest easy.  Our lives will drop into an abyss, and not until we cry out for help will we find surcease.  If we ask for help of God and the Universe, we will be answered, and immediately.  We need only ask, and our fondest wishes, within reason, will be sent along to us.

Keep the slant on the positive today.  If we seem to be having a bad day, make a concerted effort to alter our thinking to something much better.  Then the day will shift, and we will be home free, with God.

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