Mercedes or Peace

“The worldly part of your mind says, ‘Well, I have to transport my body around in this plane.  Automobiles do that.  The world tells me that a Mercedes is a grand way of doing this; therefore, I will create the desire of wanting a Mercedes.’  When you manifest the Mercedes, you fool yourself into thinking that you have made great progress  when, in fact, all you have done is done what you have always done.  You have chosen what your experience will be and you have manifested it.  There is nothing new about that.  Although by so doing, you can begin to regain confidence in our ability to manifest.”  (“The Way of the Heart,” The Way of Mastery, Lesson 5, Page 61)

Yes, we can manifest the Mercedes.  By so doing, we are simply doing what we always have in keeping a focus on those experiences which we wish to have.  This reinforces the law of attraction in our minds.  We regain confidence in our ability to manifest.

When we focus on the emotions of harmony, peace, joy, enjoyment, we are onto something new and different.  A Mercedes will rust eventually.  The peaceful emotions do not, unless we turn our mind away from focusing on them.  When we rest in God’s mercy, His blessings enfold us.  A Mercedes can’t give us comfort on a cold night; God can.

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