Relax & Visualize

“What this means for our practical purposes is that if you learn to relax deeply and do creative visualization, you may be able to make far more effective changes in your life than you would by thinking, worrying, planning, and trying to manipulate things and people.”  Shakti Gawain, Creative Visualization

In other words, Shakti is telling us that analyzing our lives doesn’t do much good.  Sure, we can get a feel for what we want changed, but to change those things takes a less “reasonable” approach.  It takes our intuition, not our intellect, for our reason won’t get us there.  The reason does mean to say that we need take nothing unto ourselves that flies in its face, but we do need to open our minds and hearts to the truth that there is far more in this universe, these universes, than we have ever imagined.  And our internal guidance can take us to that place.

So:  visualize that which one wants, when relaxed deeply.  First in the morning, or late at night, might be a “sleepy” time to visualize, and visualization will be more effective when one is slightly sleepy.   First, settle into a chair, with back straight, and let the mind wander.  If we are in a bad mood, this will lift our spirits.  If we are already in a good place, this will lift us even higher.  The method is simple.  Just close one’s eyes, and visualize the details of our heart’s desire.  Try to keep materialism out of it, for material objects are not really where our joy is.  Material objects give us a feeling of abundance, but harmony, peace, joy, happiness—these really rev us up to what is possible.  And it is the possible with which we want to dwell.

If a visualization seems impossible to believe, then we are finding something that is not in our contract for this lifetime.  Belief is necessary, and very possible, when we are tuned into our contract made before this life was begun.  We  know what is right for us.

All along, if we find we can’t “pray” for a thing, then we are focusing on the wrong thing.  When our minds and hearts are tuned to God, we know if a rightful prayer is being prayed.  If we feel a “stop,” then Divinity is trying to get through to us.  This is not what we truly want, for God’s will and our real will have identical properties.

Visualize, and then put words to what we are thinking.  The words will tell us if our visualization is something that is meant for us.

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