When Bad Things Occur

“Assist people at whatever level they understand.  Before people are aware that they create their own realities, their truth may be that they are victims of fate or circumstance.  At this level, telling them that they created the circumstances they are experiencing will only make them feel guilty and set them back.”  Sanaya Roman

Another way of saying what Sanaya is saying is that people are on the frequency of what they experience; they may not have consciously called to themselves what they are experiencing.  Being on the same frequency of something bad is as simple as feeling powerless to control what happens to us, feeling fearful of the consequences attendant to the life that we are leading, or fear of other people controlling us in a way that we would not choose.

Fear is often the culprit in the bad things that happen which seem to come out of the blue.  Fear, being a negative, can bring negative things to us.  We wouldn’t have to do anything more to attract something bad.

So the message here is to get on the frequency of positivity.  If we are uncertain how to do that, we just must ask the Universe (think God).  The Answer will not be long in coming, often just immediate.

We should never bring someone down by imagining that their thought processes have deliberately brought a terrible thing to themselves.  This type of “victim” mentality can only hurt.

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