Our Heart’s Joy

Note:  On another blog, “Sonnets Love & Divine,” I am beginning a series of divine sonnets, poems to God.  The first of three, written, has been posted so far.  I am drawing from A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and The Way of Mastery. 

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Love, Celia

“Perhaps the most ironic part of this understanding is that when you focus on what you have instead of what you want, you end up getting more of what you want anyway.  It works this way:   The gratitude that develops acts as positive energy, or fuel, that leads toward your heart’s desire.  Optimism leads to satisfaction, which encourages you to take action and look for more positive aspects in your life.   Negativity, or focusing your energy on what’s lacking in your life, only encourages you to find more of the same.  It’s impossible to feel satisfied.   What’s more, your negative attention will act as negative fuel, encouraging you to focus on mistakes and pitfalls, which means you’ll end up getting less of what you want.  The best way to learn the art of gratitude is to practice ignoring or dismissing the thoughts you have that interfere with this feeling.”  Richard Carlson

If we focus on lacks, guess what, more lack will show up in our lives.  Most of us already know this, for poverty thinking is it own fuel in the law of attraction.  Let us, instead, focus on thanks for what we already have, and there is not a person reading this who does not have bountiful blessings, materially and spiritually.  We just have to settle in to appreciate these blessings, and more and more will descend upon our heads.

If we in the doldrums, we tend to stay there.  To lift our mood immediately, dwell on what has gone right in our lives.   Be reassured that much that is right is just below the surface of our attentions, because it is egoic human nature to dwell on what has gone wrong.  When we let the ego drift away, we can see that benefits have followed us at every turn.  And then the positivity of our new mind slant will see that our heart’s joy envelops us.  This can happen right away, no waiting required.  Our heart’s joy is the bonanza that we have longed to receive, and it turns on gratitude for what is already ours.

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